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The Ishida Akira Community [entries|friends|calendar]
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Ishida Akira + MLP? [11 Feb 2014|02:05am]

Goodness, I can't believe in my excitement I forgot to post it here!
Ishida Akira was cast as Snails in the Japanese dub of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
His first appearance was in episode six, and hearing his portrayal of Snails certainly reminded me of just how versatile he is! I couldn't even recognise him, it was only through the credits for the episode and the MLP wiki I learned it.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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Ishida-san Guest Appeared on Phi Brain Net Radio #12 [10 Feb 2014|05:14pm]

Today's Phi Brain Net Radio (restarted for 3rd Season) features Ishida-san!  The radio hosts are seiyuus of Kaito and Nonoha (if you know Phi Brain series).

Last timeCollapse )
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Amnesia Crowd Gentei Ban Tokuten CD !Amai Sasayaki! [03 Jun 2013|08:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

My pre-ordered come some time ago and I manage to upload some of the drama cd up.
Here's one of them, I'll post again once I finish upload the other.

Title : Amnesia Crowd ~Amai Sasayaki~

As usual, the link is in my journal!

It's just 2 clicks away~

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DanganRonpa The Animation Net Radio #2 feat. Ishida-san! [12 Jun 2013|05:30pm]


DanganRonpa The Animation Net Radio #2 is out, and Ishida-san is the guest!

hibiki / animate.tv
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Drama CD - Honeymoon Vol.9 [03 Nov 2012|04:54am]

[ mood | amused ]

Got a present for everyone~

Title: Honeymoon Vol.9
Character: Chiharu Okumura
Profession: Lecturer
Seiyuu: Ishida Akira

Download link in my journal post below~
Honeymoon Link

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Happy 45th Birthday! Ishida san [02 Nov 2012|10:15am]

I know it's 4:30 pm in japan but..
Happy Birthday to my best seiyuu ever Ishida Akira sama ☆*:o(≧▽≦)o:*☆
Wish the best for him, and hope that he will get more and more roles :D
Actually recently he got less roles than the past two years, that's really make me sad, his voice ever and forever is cool nice and so warm. Also, he still can do any role and I mean anything :) now I need to believe that he is 45 years old!! Oh gad his voice sounds like a 33 years old man, he doesn't look like old man as well! What the hell he do to be that young ?
I really wish that he has a blog or a twitter account to post my congrats but.. ><"

Ishida san, Otanjobi Omedetuo (-^〇^-)
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Starry Sky ~in bitter season~ [24 Jun 2012|12:23pm]

[ mood | amused ]

It's Drama CD of starry sky series, I thought why not since Ishida Akira also voice a character in here...
His character is Hoshizuki Kotarou, Libra sign... (and my fav character... Yatta~)

Title : Starry Sky ~in bitter season~

link : to my journal

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Olympus (Olympos) CD [21 Jun 2012|07:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title : Drama CD Olympus
日本語タイトル: ドラマCD オリンポス/ ドラマCD 

Ishida Akira as a God in Myth...(as if his voice is not Godly enough for us... *snicker*)

Link : shinigamikouryu

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Ishida Akira - 五十嵐くんの人に言えない銀の夜 CD [23 Feb 2012|08:41pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title, Original Japanese: 五十嵐くんの人に言えない銀の夜
Title, Romanji: Fujimi and Gin no Requiem: Igarashi-kun no Hito ni Ienai Gin no Yoru

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HBD!! [02 Nov 2011|05:32pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I actually thought someone must've already put this up since I'm in the area with no internet and it's already 7PM in Japan...but oh well...>_<"


Sorry, I don't have anything fancy for the birthday. Just coming in to congrats him on his birthday. Ishida-san is the only seiyuu I actually remember the birthday of (since I actually have the same birthday as him...which is why he's currently my favorite seiyuu at the moment and probably will be forever...He's the only seiyuu I actually squee over for real, so... ._.")

Either way, happy birthday to my forever number 1, Ishida Akira~ X3

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An Akira Ishida multi-crossover fanfiction!? [25 Sep 2011|12:30am]

Yep, you hear right. This is cho8hakkai on her other more common LJ account just coming by to mention that I've taken my love for Ishida-san to the extreme. In my own futile efforts I came up with a strange idea to write a full multi-crossover fanfiction involving as many of the characters Ishida managed to voice as possible. I thought this might catch your guys curiosity and decided to put it up for advertisement. Each chapter is going to be through the point of view of a different character, starting from his earliest parts and ending with some of his latest.

I know, I know, I must be a masochist for doing this but once the idea popped into my head I just couldn't help myself.

So for all those interested in reading, I'm going to put up my chapters on this account starting with this one. One of his first (but not THE first) roles he's done: Yutaro Yudono from Ranma 1/2.

Thanks for reading and I hope those who continue enjoy this little side-project of mine~ ♥
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Curiously Researching [23 Sep 2011|12:23am]

[ mood | confused ]

Hey Akira Ishida community. Joined up to share my mutual love for this glorious seiyuu. Been trying to look up a lot of information on his earlier works these days, only to realize that there isn't much about many of them. My two major questions being Butsu Zone and Patlabor.

The easier question Regards Patlabor. I know it's his first role ever in episode 29. But the problem is, I don't know who he is. All the versions I can find are in Dub only and my Japanese isn't proficient enough to make out the words next to his name in the credits. Is there anyone here who can point out what part he plays?

The second is the rumored Butsu Zone, predecessor to Shaman King. Supposedly there was and OVA out on the manga series where he played the cute-baddy Ashura. But does it actually exist? I can't find anything about it anywhere none the less where to watch it. Any answers would be appreciated!

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Ishida-san in Kiddy Girl-and [21 Feb 2011|05:07pm]

Hey there, minna-san!

Just wanted to let everyone here know that Ishida reprised his role of Un-Ou for Kiddy Girl-and from Kiddy Grade, but that's not the only role he had! In the second half of episode 6, he provided the voice for a seiyuu named Top. Not only that, but Top had to act as a seme to an anime BL clip, his uke was Tobita Nobuo's character.

Even if you don't like the series, the second half of episode 6 is worth the watch!
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[20 Feb 2011|06:26pm]

I find it so annoying that all the major anime sites list anime roles alphabetically when you look up a seiyuu. I just want to see what the latest roles for my favourite seiyuus are and it's hard to tell this way.
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Doggie! [27 Oct 2010|12:33am]

Hi to Ishida Akira Community!

Didn't realize that there was one, and it's a little inactive too ;( BUT as a fan of his envious performances, let me drop down something.

Official WebSite: http://www.votoms.net/finder/at.html

Coming in December is one of the new three OVAs for Armored Trooper VOTOMS: Bottom Finder (ボトムズファインダー」を)!

What's exciting is that Ishida Akira appears, as the MAIN CHARACTER!


(I don't think he's blue, lol. Must be the quality from the video player I'm using)

Apparently his name is Aki, kid with black hair and a scarf on. Since I can't read the Japanese text, I don't know much else about him (I think one thing says that "he likes old ATs").

Nothing's on Wikipedia either for me to use a dictionary/translator. He does pilot a white AT or Armored Trooper (I can't read its name either).

A 2 minute trailer is up too.
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Ishida at Gintama event! [30 Mar 2010|11:02am]

Here's a photo of Ishida at an event for the anime Gintama (Gintama Haru Matsuri 2010 (Ka)). He's on the left, next to Elizabeth-san. (The duck thing)

At the event, it was confirmed that Gintama is not ending! Woo! I was seriously worried for about a minute. Episode 201 was the last scheduled TV broadcast, though :( But, there's a movie coming out in April and a re-airing of the series (with extra footage) sometime soon as well.


Here's the ANN link and the site where I found the photo.
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Please.... [23 Jan 2010|12:27am]

[ mood | calm ]

could someone post up radio seed destiny #24...the guest is Ishida Akira and Shindou Naomi....the link I have is already expired...thanks...

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2010 events [03 Jan 2010|09:07pm]

Ishida Akira will be in a public reading event (?) courtesy of the Lunar Harmony of Silver Star game.

LUNAR~アレス(CV.石田彰)と観る満点の星~ プラネタリウム朗読会
Lunar ~ Watching the Stars with Ales (voiced by Ishida Akira) ~ a Planetarium Reading Event
date: January 10, 2010 (Sunday)
venue: somewhere in Tokyo (undisclosed)

Only those who purchased the Lunar game were given the chance to win tickets through a random draw.
If I'm remembering this correctly, there are only 25 slots for the event.

Ishida-san will also be at the Neoromance Festa on the 17th.
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Anyone know what drama CD? [04 Nov 2009|07:13pm]

Few years ago stumbled across "video" on YouTube of drama CD (I think) of Ishida and he was doing ALL the roles in it, so just him. Mother, father, brother... was a whole family. Did a You Tube search and got nothing and because I remember so little about it, google search isn't getting me anywhere... anyone can help? Thanks!
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[02 Nov 2009|09:45pm]

[ mood | excited ]

It's still Nov 2 in my neck of the woods, so Happy Birthday Ishida-san! Many thanks to shiroi_ume and kimi_kuma for organizing the birthday project a couple months back!

I'm fairly newish to the comm, so I don't know if these have been shared before, but I've got Saiyuki Gaiden drama CDs to share:

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3: First half ~ Second half

Ishida-san of course plays Tenpou Gensui. Hopefully there will be a fourth CD to finish the series soon. Also, I've just heard that Saiyuki Gaiden - now that the manga is complete - has been green-lighted for OVA production. I'm so thrilled. ^__^ I'm quite sure they'll retain the same cast from previous anime, so I'm looking forward to more of Ishida-san as Tenpou. *dances*

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